Marc Antoine

Marc Antoine

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Album: Laguna Beach
Label: Woodward Avenue Records
Add Date: August 8, 2016
Release Date: September 23, 2016

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A beloved fixture on the contemporary jazz scene since the mid 90’s, Marc Antoine is back with his first album in several years. His Woodward Avenue Records debut “Laguna Beach,” is well worth the wait. This greatly anticipated new album is sure to thrill his legions of fans worldwide who have been clamoring for new music from him for a long time. With its great mix of styles featuring Marc on nylon string, steel string, and electric guitars (not to mention his stellar keys and percussion work on the CD,) “Laguna Beach” is unquestionably one of the albums of the year in the format. With stellar sidemen contributions from Rick Braun, labelmate Paul Brown, Phillipe Saisse, and Greg Vail among others, Marc has created a delicious musical meal with this set of songs. From the ultra-cool title track, which is also the first single, to the exotic and breezy Bossa nova flavors of “New Morning” which places Marc in a musical environment he is so well-known for (with a great turn on keys by Mr. Saisse,) and to the dynamic and very commercial “Why Not” which has some great horn section action and some big time guitar work from Marc, the gifts are plentiful on this CD. “Laguna Beach” is an album destined to cement this illustrious musician’s legacy as one of the preeminent artists in the contemporary jazz genre’s history.