Vandell Andrew

Vandell Andrew

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Album: All For Love
Label: Vandell Music
Add Date: August 29, 2016
Release Date: July 29, 2016

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“All For Love” is the much anticipated follow-up album to New Orleans native Vandell Andrew’s “Turn It Up,” which showcased his smash #1 Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart single “Let’s Ride.” This new set of songs features his formidable sax playing in a variety of musical settings, with radio friendly offerings throughout. The first single “Back At It” (brilliantly produced by Lew Laing, Jr. and Paul Brown,) has all the elements of a big radio hit in the making, and provides a glimpse into the growth process of a gifted artist. The title track reveals the softer and romantic side of Vandell’s playing and writing, with its lush and warm textures. Another track with obvious commercial potential is “Better With You,” dominated by a bright and upbeat melody, and featuring Vandell’s confident playing on alto sax. Don’t miss the appropriately titled “Lover’s Suite” which takes a somewhat unexpected dynamic turn towards the end of the song, filled with key changes, and a stellar emotional reading by Mr. Andrew on the horn. Contemporary jazz fans will definitely be glad Vandell is back at it with this impressive collection of new music.